Do I need to register to request a quote?

Yes, in order to receive quotes, you need to provide your contact details. Thanks to the registration, you can access the platform for free, request quotes based on a simulated price and follow-up on your requests.

Is the price on the requested quote the actual price?

No, this price is a simulated price to give you an indication of the quote value. The real price of the quote will be sent to you directly on your email box by the shipper.

How can I know the shipping company’s name?

You cannot know the shipper’s name on our platform since we offer equal chances to all shipping companies. The shipper’s identity will be revealed once you request a quote, and the company gets in touch with you privately.

How can I be sure of the shipping company’s seriousness?

Shipping companies are evaluated by clients thanks to the reviews’ system. According to the number of stars and the number of reviews, you can have an idea of the shipper competence.

Is there a way to augment the number of quote requests per day?

At the moment, the maximum number of quotes allowed to be requested per day is pre-defined. If you wish to have additional quote requests, kindly send us an email explaining your situation and specifying the number of quote requests you wish to have on a daily basis.